Expatriate Women of the 1930s

Anne Warr regularly gives this fascinating talk to Shanghai groups, including the EPWS (Expatriate Professional Women Shanghai). Here is an extract from the EPWS website regarding Annes’ talk on 13 November 2007:

In this talk by Anne Warr you will hear the inspiring stories of many independent women from Shanghai in the 1930s. During the 1930s, Shanghai boomed. When the American economy collapsed in 1929, boatloads of hopeful workers came to Shanghai to seek their fortune. Between 1930and 1933 Shanghai's expatriate population almost doubled. Many of these hopeful workers were women, such as Helen Foster, who later married Edgar Snow, and journalist Emily Hahn who wrote for the New Yorker. They joined Shanghai's eclectic mix of women which inlcuded taitais, revolutionaries such as Agnes Smedley and Louisa Strong, Russian and Jewish refugees and the women of the YWCA.